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Husqvarna's new state-of-the-art power cutters are light, tough, and more powerful than ever before. Featuring our Air Injection advanced air filtration system, Smart Start® and LowVib® vibration-dampened handles, Husqvarna power cutters are designed with a slim body for enhanced maneuverability. the cutting arm can be reversed to increase access on tough jobs. the specially designed cart is an invaluable assed when cutting along walls or large floor areas. A full range of cutting discs and blades are available as well as a sturdy metal storage case with compartments for blades and accessories.



Portable Cart and Water Kit



Power Cutter Storage Case


Model 371K 3120K
Displacement 4.3 cu in (71 cc) 7.3 cu in (119 cc)
Engine Power 3.5 hp (4.8 kW) 5.8 hp (7.9 kW)
Fuel Capacity 1.62 pt. (0.77 l) 2.65 pt. (1.25 l)
Cutting Wheel 12" 14" 14" 16"
Weight w/o Cutting Wheel lbs. (kg) 20.0 (9.1) 20.7 (9.7) 29.5 (13.4) 30.4 (13.8)
Power to Weight Ratio (kW/kg) 0.38 0.37 0.43 0.42
Vibration (m/s²) Front/Rear 2.7/3.9 4.7/5.5