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TrimmerTrap's roots are deeply embedded in the lawn and landscaping industry. TrimmerTrap's aim is to maintain the position of "number one" by providing customers with the most comprehensive line of superior trimmer racks, blower racks, and tool racks through intelligent design. They continue to lead the the industry by designing the most innovative and original products on the market. Because after all, as a Landscape Contractor you have to Make Green When Grass Grows.

All TrimmerTrap products are made in the U.S.A. using U.S. made components whenever possible.
Trimmer and Blower Racks
BR-1 Blower Rack | DB-1 Dual Back Pack Blower Rack | GP-1 & ET/GP-1 General Purpose Blower and Sprayer Rack | MR-1 Multi-Use Trimmer Clamp | ST-1STIHL Blower Rack (300 & 400 Series) | ST-2 STIHL Blower Rack (500 & 600 Series) | TS-1 Trimmer Chest |  TT-1 Trimmer Rack | TT-2 "Original" (Holds 3) | TT-2Pro-4 (Holds 4)
Tool Racks and Storage
CR-3 Combination Rack | EH-1 Enclosed Trailer Tool Storage | HS-1 Hedge Trimmer Rack | HT-1 Accessory Hand Tool Rack | SO-1 Hedge Trimmer Sheath | SR-1 Backpack Sprayer Rack | TR-1 Portable Hand Tool Rack | WC-1 Water Cooler Rack
BB-1-Rider Blade Blocker for riding mowers | BB-1-WB Blade Blocker for walk behind mowers | Trimmer, Engine, Mower & Blower Covers & Debris Bags | DP-1 Mulching Plate | Fuel Tags | GA-1 Gate Grabber | KK-1 KreeperKeepers | LC-1 Locking Cable | LH-1 Line Holders | LK-1 Lanyard Kit | MB-4 Wall Mounts | PT-1 Extensions | SB-1 Security Bar | SC-1 Stretch Cord | TC-3 Tire Cages | TH-1 General Purpose Hitch | WS-1 General Purpose Weight Set
Wheels / Sulkys
DM-1 Bull Rider Sulky | SM-1 Bronco Rider Sulky
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Advanced Mower
Email us for more information on Trimmer Trap Products or give us a call at 877.428.1546.